NASA에서 찍었다는 일식 사진 진짜인가 ?
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NASA에서 찍었다는 일식 사진 진짜인가 ?

NASA의 사진에서도 거짓이 판을 치고 있다.

Numerous factors suggested that this image was not genuine. For starters, the sun and moon both appeared much larger in the sky than they would as viewed by a ground observer. Additionally, the eclipse appeared to be happening in front of the clouds seen here, even though the sun and moon are obviously much farther away than the Earth’s cloud cover is.

사실은 ?

The “ocean eclipse” image is a composite of at least two different photographs. The ocean picture was posted to Flickr in 2009 by photographer Art Lewis (and although it has since been removed from Flickr, it is still widely available on various computer wallpaper sites:

미국에서의 일식보도 명장면